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Dentures/Partial Services

Denture Work:

Pour Cast - impression models

Custom Tray - a handmade tray to fit a cast

Wax Occlusal Tray - bite block

Set Up for Try in - teeth placed in wax, then placed in patient’s mouth to check if it fits

Retry (Reset) - if the setup doesn’t fit we will reset the teeth for free the first time, and $20 then after

Surgical Matrix - clear copy of the prepared arch for surgery

Twin Duplicate Denture - temporary denture used right after surgery

Soft Liner - a reline with a soft lining

Rebase - new base is made for the denture

Reline - make a tighter fit for the denture

Repair - replace teeth, fractures, stains, etc.


Partial Dentures:

Flipper - partial with no clasp for anterior teeth

Acrylic with Clasps - a mouthpiece made with acrylic with teeth and clasp that fits in the pallet

Cast Framework - metal framework cast major connectors, mior contacts rest seats and clasp.


Process & Finish:

Characterized Success Injected - Vita teeth. Lucitone 199 Original Acrylic. Full anatomical sculpting with custom - stained gingival bianching.

Prestige Success Injected - Portrait Teeth. Lucitone 199 Light. Full anatomical sculpting.

Classic Poured with High Impact - Bilblend 1 PH Teeth. Lucitone 199 LRP. Acrylic & Press Packed. Moderate carved festooning, non-stippled smooth finish, palatal rugae.

Economy Poured Fricke - Classic Plastic Teeth. Fricke Plain Pink (no fibers) Acrylic. No carve or festooning, smooth polished finish.

Anatomical Finish

Smooth Finish