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Clear Retainer Lab | Essix Retainer Lab in Peru
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What's the nature of your business?
Five Star Dental Lab is a local laboratory that fabricates dentures and orthodontic retainers for the Central Indiana community.
Does your laboratory service individuals?
Yes, absouletly we do. We cater to the restoration needs of individuals in homes and offices through their respective family or company dentists.
Can you describe your business philosophy?
Our business philosophy is simple: Accurate Esthetic Restorations Delivered on Time Guaranteed.
How do you wish such philosophy understood in simple terms?
Our goal is to renew people's confidence by working with dental professionals to help them restore smiles. 
Who are your key target clients?
We focus primarily on dentures and orthodontic appliances. We differentiate ourselves with quality same day denture and retainer relines and repair services!
What is your main objective?
Our main concern is guaranteeing high-quality restorations at budget-friendly prices as quickly as possible. No extra chair time and no patient rescheduling.
How does your sophistication relate to dentists?
We seek partnerships with dentists to facilitate services—from the order stage to delivery. Because our esthetic restorations fit correctly and require less, if any, grinding or adjustments, our partner-dentists can attend to more patients, thereby raising their incomes and allowing them more time to engage in other worthwhile and fulfilling day-to-day endeavours.
What essential benefits does your customer get?
We exert effort to ensure quick turnarounds, high-quality craftsmanship, and consistent quality so that restorations fit correctly the first time they are in use and remakes are eliminated.
Does craftsmanship criteria apply to your output?
To a large extent, yes. Our craftsmanship reflects on the dentist’s own standing before his patients. Besides, our restorations maintain both the natural look and feel that form long-term relationships and generate more referrals.
What other benefits are in store?
Service becomes personalized—personalized because we work with clients close to home, two-way feedback can be obtained quickly, and deliveries are easier across short distances.
Do you consider customer satisfaction a challenge?
In each of the restorations that we do, either using porcelain and metal fusion or full metal (apart from many other offerings), we make a difference in people regaining their confidence to smile, and in the dentists who are serving them.
What sets us apart from the others?
It is our pleasure to share with you this answer: our guarantees for high-quality, budget-friendly products delivered on time. Reliability precedes our reputation.
How were you able to build your market?
High precision measurements, top-quality craftsmanship and technological sophistication have built for us a loyal following in the men, women and children who found our restorations to fit accurately and nicely the first time they put them on.
What does the market see in your track record?
Our growing number of clients find value in seeing their smiles restored as when they were younger. We have earned the respect and continued patronage of satisfied clients—amongst doctors and their patients.

Five Star Dental Lab is located in Peru, IN and is Central Indiana's go to dental lab for all things customizable. The talented team at Five Star Dental understand how important it is to utilize your dental appliances, and that is why we fabricate all of our apparatuses to your specific needs. Being a local lab also allows us the ability to provide same day denture and retainer repairs and relines, along with more flexibility and availability. Give us a call today at (765) 689-0126 to experience the Five Star difference!

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